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Matching buyers and sellers

We discovered a way to sell homes, in 72 hours, instead of the weeks or months it takes other real estate agents.

We have a way to identify virtually every buyer for a home quickly, then flood them through at the same time, creating a competitive atmosphere that makes them pay a higher price.

Traditionally, agents advertise homes over many months, and show them to buyers one at a time. Instead, we put in the equivalent of months of effort and advertising upfront, right after a home is listed. The goal is to flush out every possible buyer. I hold back the first showing date to build anticipation and excitement. Then I open the door and let buyers come through at the same time to create a competitive environment. I am a master at creating buyer bidding wars and driving up the price of homes.

Our proven formula is what makes us different from other realtors. Other realtors list your home, put your home in MLS, and then string out the marketing over months. We frontload our marketing to identify virtually every prospect who could be a buyer for your home, but we don’t let them in right away. We open the door in a short period on a Saturday and a short period on a Sunday. Through this method, we create a competitive environment by creating social proof that your home is popular. This formula is superior to what other realtors are offering because we generate a bidding war scenario which can maximize your sale price.

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Debi Hauer brings her experience in Finance and Real Estate Development having worked on Wall Street as a Commodity Trader, an analyst and as a CFO for Real Estate Developers for many years, she has transferred her prowess with numbers to negotiating the best deals for her real estate clients. Working in finance she learned patience and the rules of winning in negotiations to yield the best outcome for all parties in the transaction.

Debi is originally from New York and as the daughter of a real estate “tycoon” she learned the realities of owning rental property as a child performing duties like cleaning up and preparing homes for new tenants and making emergency repairs to a roof after a storm with her father. Her grandfather owned an entire condominium complex in Phoenix but didn’t have a computer. Debi helped him with the billing and leases while still in high school. Those experiences with her family were the genesis of a career in real estate and set the stage for her future as a real estate investor.

She studied business at NYU in New York learning more about real estate with her father who continued to purchase properties on Long Island teaching her the advantage to building wealth through property ownership. She bought her first home at the age of 23 in North San Diego County overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Owning that waterfront condo set the stage for her to specialize in waterfront property. Debi worked in finance after graduating college later moving into commodity trading specializing in Foreign Currency and precious metals. During this time she continued to build her real estate portfolio starting with one rental property which she sold at a profit of over $100000 after two years. She went on to get an MBA, flip over 50 properties and build a rental property portfolio of over 25 properties.

As your Realtor, Debi will be an advocate for you. Whether you are buying, selling or renting, she will work as a solution seeker to promote your best interests. She has access to the tools of a top technology company as well as a team of skilled experienced realtors to help ensure sellers receive top dollar for your home. Real estate transactions can be stressful, as a full-time realtor Debi will do everything humanly possible to ensure a smooth transaction through constant communication and being accessible when you need her.

Debi is an avid supporter of animal rescue. She has 2 rescued dogs and a kitten currently living in her home she shares with her son who attends university in Boston. She can often be seen on long walks in Great Esker Park or Worlds End with both dogs in tow. During her leisure time, she often visits shelters to walk dogs while they wait for their forever home. Stop by any summer day for fresh veggies from the garden where there is always an abundance thanks to her son's green thumb!


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