Thinking about selling your home? The time is now!

Real Estate

Change is in the air.

Have you noticed homes in your neighborhood sitting on the market a little longer?

Have you seen prices drop a few times before an offer is accepted?

Have you noticed traffic at open houses is down?

Perhaps not because you are not a real estate agent. But I have witnessed all of this over the past 5 months. What does this mean for people who are waiting for the Spring Market? It means anyone who waits will end up with less money in their pocket at closing. 

The time to sell is now. Why?

Consumer confidence drives prices more than anything else regardless of the industry. The stock market has been volatile for many reasons. The result is a drop in consumer confidence. This will continue to affect prices for homes. The market will continue to shift to a buyers market. If you are thinking of selling CALL me today to list your house. The longer you wait, the great the risk of you ending up with less of the equity you have built during the past five years of price increases. There are many online tools that help you determine the market value of your home however it is unlikely that the price accurately reflects the true value. The best way to get a true market value is to have a local realtor visit your home and prepare a market valuation. It takes about 25 minutes, it is free and you end up with a tool to use in determining if it is the right time for you to sell your home. Call or email me to set up your appointment. 781.783.2963,