Time to Sell your home?

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Is it the Right Time to Sell your Home?

We get so many calls each week from home owners who ask the question "Should I sell this year?"

The answer is: if it is right time for your family.

If you want to maximize your profits from your home 2021 is a great year to do so. Even if you feel like you might be paying more for the new home you purchase, the new purchase will be using a bank loan that is at a lower interest rate. This lower rate will save your family thousands over the time you own the new home.

Many people are choosing to capture their equity and move into temporary housing waiting until they find the right next home. The rental market is soft, prices of rental units can be negotiated, terms are favorable with many landlords making huge consessions to fill their properties.

The best option for anyone considering making the choice to sell or not to sell is to make an appointment with a seasoned real estate professional to get an accurate price for your home. Once you have the facts you can make an informed decision.

If you need help finding professionals to help prepare your home for a sale, get rid of extra stuff, clean up the yard and basement, give us a call and we will provide numbers of our trusted parters. If you need help funding that process, we can partner with you to cover the cost ahead of the sale so you can walk away with all of the potential equity. The bills get paid out of the closing procedes.

Call me for details on how these programs work. 781-783-2963 - Debi


Provide by: Debi Hauer Realtor

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