Tips for downsizing

Real Estate

Easy Guide
to Downsizing

1. Start small and go slow.
Don’t make the mistake of trying to do too much
too quickly. Follow these tips to keep
from feeling overwhelmed:
• Focus on one room or area of the
house at a time.
• Give yourself plenty of time, take breaks,
and don’t rush.
• Have your boxes and packing supplies
ready before you begin.
2. Sort your items into categories.
As you go, divide your items into the following
categories to help you stay organized:
• Keep
• Donate
• Sell
• Trash/recycle
• Not sure/I’ll decide later
3. Ask some honest questions.
When deciding which items or furnishings
to bring to your new apartment home, ask
yourself the following:
• Is it really important to me, or am
I keeping it out of habit?
• How much room will it take up in
my new home?
• Is it easy to clean, or does it require
special care?
• Can it save space by serving
multiple functions?
• Is it appropriate for my physical needs or
stage of life?